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There's More to Public Relations Than What Meets The Eye: How PR Impacts Your Business Inside & Out

I had the pleasure of discussing how strategic public relations impacts a business inside and out with Brandon Bobart, Founder of Pisgah Peaks Ventures. Pisgah Peaks Ventures helps brands grow through custom digital solutions. Having worked in technology, education, cannabis, and franchising, Brandon brings a wide angle perspective to the table that everyone can find value in.

Before we dive into Brandon's take on public relations and how it impacts a business, I want to congratulate Brandon on a new podcast he's launching soon that I've been lucky enough to get a sneak preview of. All I'm going to say is that If you're into business, entrepreneurship, personal development, and find yourself always working towards the next big thing, you're in for a treat!

Visit to learn more about Brandon's work and connect with him on LinkedIn to be notified once his podcast officially launches.

Now, let's jump into the discussion.

What's the biggest difference you see in companies trying to execute public relations on their own versus hiring veteran PR professionals?

Wow, great question! I've seen companies take both approaches. I feel a local business owner, trying to wade through PR on their own, typically winds up thinking HUGE or hyperlocal. The problem with the massive goals, is not the goal itself, but rather that it just may not be attainable at that time and/or frustrate you from further efforts. I've seen some dynamic pieces of content go nowhere because they weren't plugged in the right pipelines. I also have found that a  PR company focused on a specific niche will have a cohort of publishers that reach properly segmented audiences you're looking for.

  Do you think strategic public relations can have an impact on the type of people a company attracts to come work for it? Absolutely! PR is something you either control, or it controls you! By having a strategic plan for positive PR, you're proactively communicating to the media community, "Hey, this is how we want to be perceived, this is who we are." If you're casting a positive message, with an attractive culture, I think it will definitely have an impact on potential hires. On the flip side, if you have poor PR or don't create a strategy, I find you are more prone to knee-jerk reactions.

  How have you personally seen the power of public relations impact a business from its sales, business development, expansion, all the way through company culture? 

I've seen it work a couple ways. For example, I worked with a company that had a great strategy and earned a lot of really positive PR. They conveyed a lot of specific cultural beliefs publicly. However, the employees felt they were not receiving the same level of treatment. They used core words from their PR efforts to turn the culture around on the corporate team and force change. 

Another example is Franny's Farmacy. After working with Green Lane Communication, Franny's Farmacy saw its online traffic build and build over months of high quality PR engagements. At the end of the day, they saw a 200% increase in traffic over a 6 month period.

I'm going to conclude the post here and leave more PR talk for another time. More than likely we'll pick up where we left off on Brandon's new podcast, and we'll be sure to let you know as soon as that drops.

It's important to remember that sometimes the end of a publicity campaign is just the beginning of all the new, exciting opportunities ahead of you and your brand. To truly maximize your PR efforts and to reap the benefits Brandon shared above, it's not only about earning media coverage. What matters equally as much is what you do with those media assets once you've earned them.


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