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How to Make the Most of Your Media Coverage: The Ultimate Post-Coverage Checklist

The Ultimate Post-Coverage Checklist

You secured media coverage. That’s great! But what do you do now? There are so many ways to squeeze the most juice out of your media coverage once it’s published. And this is true for all types of coverage: featured articles, interviews, podcasts, mentions in a newsletter—you name it!

From repurposing your coverage to sharing your wins on social media or including it in your investor pitch assets, furthering the impact of your earned media will help you:

  • Drive traffic to your media coverage to increase brand awareness

  • Maximize the marketability of your media placement

  • Leverage this placement to establish greater credibility 

To help you get the most out of your media coverage, we created the ultimate post-coverage checklist.

Maximize the Value and Longevity of Your Media Coverage [Checklist]

Our simple checklist will help you get the most value out of your earned media. With 9 options for sharing and expanding your reach upon your coverage, our checklist serves as the perfect catalyst for executing your marketing strategy. 

Extend the life and reach of your recent media placements by checking off each item on this list. 👇

No forms. No gimmicks.

Final Thoughts

Thinking about promoting your business through strategic public relations, but not sure where to begin? With over a decade of publicity and thought leadership development experience, Green Lane Communication help cannabis organizations, subject matter experts, and industry leaders gain share of voice in their market and build their legacy. To date, we have secured over 12,300 placements for our clients in publications such as Forbes, Rolling Stone, High Times, Marijuana Business Daily, and more.

Where will you earn media coverage? Get in touch with us to find out.


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