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Episode 5: Matt Ritchey, CEO of Mr. Cannabis, Talks Breathwork, Flowstates, and Leadership

A Mejer Journey Episode 3 Nick Jikomes

Episode 5 of A Mejer Journey was a real treat. Matt Ritchey, CEO of Mr. Cannabis, took us down the path of breathwork, flow states, and leadership. With an abundance of executive coaching experience, Matt knows what it takes from a wellness standpoint to perform at optimal levels and create the world you want to live in. In this episode, Mike and Matt take listeners down a rabbit hole of insight that uncovers how breathwork can improve your day, and how critical it is to establish wellness routines and practices tailored for you and your specific day. Tune in for tons of great advice that could make you feel better almost immediately.

To connect with Matt, check out the links below:


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