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Our Happiest Clients Share These 5 Qualities

Public relations (PR) plays a vital role in shaping the success of businesses, brands, and subject matter experts in the cannabis industry and community. At Green Lane Communication, we pride ourselves on providing media relations and thought leadership development support that leads to amplified awareness, greater trust, and reputable authority. Over time, we have discovered that our happiest clients possess distinct qualities that contribute to their wins. Let's explore the five key qualities of our happiest customers and discuss why these traits are essential for success in cannabis industry PR.


One of the standout qualities of our happiest customers is their responsiveness. They understand the importance of timely communication and collaboration. By promptly providing feedback, information, and approvals, they enable us to deliver effective and efficient communications with reporters, journalists, and show hosts on their behalf. Responsiveness fosters an effective working relationship, allows for quick problem-solving, and ensures that campaigns and strategies stay on track. In the fast-paced cannabis industry, where trends and regulations change frequently, and an even faster paced media landscape, responsiveness is vital to landing the media opportunities that move a brand and business forward.


Trust is the foundation of any successful business relationship, and our happiest customers understand this implicitly. Cannabis industry professionals trust our expertise, insights, and objective point of view, allowing us to execute our strategies and campaigns with confidence. This enables us to push boundaries, explore attention grabbing angles, and achieve breakthrough coverage. In turn, we reciprocate this trust by being transparent, accountable, and delivering on our promises. This all boils down to consistent communication that continuously keeps our client-partners informed through every stage of the campaign process. Trust is crucial in an industry such as cannabis, where reputation and credibility often make or break a business.


Focused customers are dialed in on their goals and objectives. They have a clear vision of what they want to achieve, which helps us reverse engineer and align our strategies and efforts accordingly. What's great is they are often proactive in providing us with relevant information about their business, target audience, and sector-related trends. Oftentimes we request to connect with member(s) of the sales team to learn about common objections, frequently asked questions, and what needs the most communicating to prospective clients and customers. Working with those who can help us help them by sharing their focus with us, makes the entire process more fun, enjoyable, and impactful.


Our happiest customers are always thinking about what comes next. An example of this is what comes after they earn an extraordinary piece of coverage. Great, we helped them earn a placement in a top-tier national publication, land a spot on a hyper-focused niche podcast, but what should they do with that coverage? This is a great question, and we appreciate when clients want to maximize the impact of their placements and features. One of our favorite conversations to have with clients is preparing them to blend interview opportunities with business development goals. How can they tailor their responses to be insightful and tasteful while attracting more of the right audience into their ecosystem for the right reasons at the right time? It's those who genuinely want to engage in these conversations and brainstorm sessions that experience the greatest return on their investment.


Last but certainly not least, our happiest customers are open-minded. They are receptive to new ideas, perspectives, and approaches. They understand that innovation often stems from embracing diverse viewpoints, and acknowledge that they are bringing in outside counsel for a reason. An example of this is when a client may have extraordinary insight about cultivation, and their entrepreneurial come-up could make for an eye-catching headline in and of itself. Here is a situation where we'd propose a plan to embrace their cultivation experience with cannabis-focused publications, while also utilizing their entrepreneurial background to engage with more mainstream, business-focused outlets to garner even more coverage to build off of. Keeping an open mind creates a domino-effect in the world of public relations. Don't let a closed mind halt your momentum and potential for growth.

At Green Lane Communication, we have the privilege of working with some truly exceptional cannabis industry pros. Our happiest customers possess five key qualities: responsiveness, trust, focus, forward-thinking, and open-mindedness. These traits often contribute to the success that has brought them to where they are, and being in a position that is ready for PR support. As the cannabis industry continues to evolve, these qualities will remain essential for businesses, brands, and subject matter experts striving to make a positive impact on the industry, community, as well as their own businesses. Are you considering implementing a PR strategy to support the growth of your business? Send us a message and we'll be happy to help you identify the right approach for your specific goals.

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