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Will Your Pitch Grab a Journalist's Attention? Get Your Media Pitch in Better Shape.

Pitches need to be relevant and targeted. They should be tapping into issues that audiences actually care about, and presented in unique ways or with new and intriguing data to differentiate them. Before you send another media pitch, you need to understand how you can use the latest and greatest data to build a better pitch. Here are three tips that will help you grab an influencer's attention and most importantly, keep it.

Do The Research

Be sure the subject you’re pitching is a subject the journalist actually writes about, or relates to the audience of the influencer you’re reaching out to (journalists are just one type of influencer, after all). Dig into the data around a publication’s best-performing pieces and how that could inform your story. The data to use: Demographic data that shows who your audience is and where they like to spend their time. Readership data like audience size and top articles.

Personalize It

Think qualitative data over quantitative here; talk about the projects a journalist has been working on and what you like about them, how what you’re pitching fits into not only their area of coverage by their overall style. Show that you’ve been paying attention to their work (just don’t be creepy).

Make It Easy

Package your pitch to make it easy for a journalist to build out the story you want them to tell. Include any necessary media elements like images or video, quotes and the key facts. Be choosy about what you include, however; overloading your email with attachments will plummet your deliverability rate.


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