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Is Your Brand's Voice Getting Lost in the Noise?

The cannabis space is filled with lots of great brands and interesting people that are working hard to make a difference in the way we access, consume, and educate ourselves about this wonderful plant. Unfortunately, with the recent boom of the industry that has created tremendous amounts of opportunity, players who only care about profits have stepped into the arena.

What this does is makes it more difficult (as if it wasn't hard enough already) to separate yourself and your brand from the white noise and to stand out as an industry leader. Lots of people are trying to take advantage of expanding their brands through social media, but the times of doing so quickly and cost-effectively are over.

While the cost of entry of paid media is increasing, with Google and Facebook taking up most of the digital marketing space, earned media's barriers to entry have remained the same. Which leads us into a discussion that if you're ignoring earned media pickup for your brand, you're leaving tremendous opportunity for growth on the table.

If your story is interesting, it gets printed. Earned media is just that – media coverage is earned when journalists decide that your story is thought-provoking or newsworthy. This is exactly why it's such a powerful tool and earning the market's trust, building brand credibility, and penetrating the market much faster compared to traditional, organic social media posting.

Public relations done the right way supports your brand, creates and maintains your public image, and positions you as a leader in your industry – exactly what you want and need in the evergrowing cannabis and CBD space.


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