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How Does Good Publicity Help Your Business Grow?

“What’s the return on my investment?” It’s what any smart business operator will and should ask before committing to anything related to their brand and business. So, what's the answer? Can we quantify exactly what the return is on your investment into a positive, strong publicity campaign? Before we jump right in, here’s a question for you to think about:

Can you put a price tag on positive word of mouth marketing? The short answer to this question is no. However, does this mean it’s worthless? Absolutely not. Word of mouth has been referred to as the best, most effective form of marketing and advertising for hundreds of years, and it still holds true today. The only difference between word of mouth marketing back then versus today is that there are so many more mediums in which word of mouth takes form (traditional word of mouth, online reviews, social media, press, etc...). When you’re featured in media outlet that a group of people trust and consume on a regular basis, those individuals will almost always instantly form a new level of trust with you and your brand (assuming it's a positive story). As marketers and business people, we know how important building trust is in a sales process and it's one of the strengths and benefits of building a strong, reputable brand in any competitive marketplace.

Stop leaving money and opportunity on the table by neglecting the importance of building trust and rapport with your target market – something every successful company in the marketplace understands is too costly to not have.

Let us help you build trust and reach more people with a publicity campaign that’s tailored specifically for you and your brand. Send an email to Mike@GreenLaneCommunication to learn more about a tailored publicity campaign that'll help you get your name seen, voice heard, and brand built.


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