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How Do You Grab Consumers' Attention When They Ignore Your Ads?

Struggling to grab consumers' attention? Tired of running countless ads that deliver nothing but frustrating, flatline results?

It's time to switch up your strategy.

By positioning yourself the right way based on what you're trying to accomplish with your brand, leveraging the power of publicity will help you be seen, heard, and will most definitely help you build rapport with your target market in ways that paid advertising simply can't do.

When someone chooses to read an article, watch an interview, or listen to a podcast, they choose to listen to it because they enjoy and trust a particular information source. By feeding your name and story to your target market through channels that have already done the leg work and established trust with your audience, you can rapidly increase the speed at which you enter and penetrate the market.

What do you think is more meaningful to someone in the market for a new CBD brand to try? A paid ad that pops up on their screen over and over asking the consumer to buy their product, or an article/interview from that consumers' favorite blog about your CBD brand?

Earned media gets delivered to the end-consumer with more trust because that placement has to be earned and vetted by the editor of that publication. This makes it much harder to arrange than simply paying a price to be featured somewhere.

So the next time you have the urge to promote and market your name, don't just assume throwing a bunch of money at a wall in hopes that something will stick. Invest into a well-thought out, strategic publicity campaign that'll help you generate the media coverage your brand needs to reach more people and establish the credibility it needs to penetrate the market.


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