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Episode 9: From Seed to Success with Ryan Douglas

A Mejer Journey Episode 3 Nick Jikomes

On Episode 9 of A Mejer Journey, entrepreneur, author, and master grower, Ryan Douglas joins the show! Ryan shares key takeaways from his new book, From Seed to Success: How to Launch a Great Cannabis Cultivation Business in Record Time, and the ins and outs of vertical integration, what it takes to run a successful cultivation facility, and so much more!

As Master Grower from 2013 to 2016, Ryan directed cultivation for Tweed Inc., Canada’s largest licensed producer of legal cannabis, and the flagship subsidiary of Canopy Growth Corporation. As one of the company’s first employees, Ryan was crucial to Tweed’s early success, designing the production facility, selecting the genetics, and hiring and training staff to produce 70,000 plants and process 6 tons of dry cannabis annually. Before entering the cannabis industry, Ryan spent 15 years as a commercial greenhouse grower of ornamental and edible crops, growing up to 600,000 plants annually. Ryan now provides start-up advice to groups launching new cannabis cultivation projects. Connect with Ryan using the following links: Order your copy of From Seed to Success:


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