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Episode 75: Aubrey Amatelli Talks Finance, Start-ups, and PayRio

A Mejer Journey Episode 3 Nick Jikomes

On this episode of the Mejer Journey Podcast, we sit down with Aubrey Amatelli, a proud first time founder of a health & wellness payments company, PayRio. PayRio focuses on helping underserved markets in the cannabis and alternative medicine industries who primarily accept cash. Prior to founding PayRio, Aubrey held a position as the Chief Revenue Officer at QuickFee, a fast growing Fintech. She began her career in payments at J.P. Morgan over a decade ago working her way up from a merchant services Business Development Associate to an Executive Director Commercial Banker for the Technology and Disruptive Commerce group in Silicon Valley. Tune in for Aubrey's journey into the cannabis industry, and what she's working on in the payment sector!

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