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Episode 22: Dr. Leah Johnson Discuss the Medical Cannabis Community, Wellness, and Patient Care

A Mejer Journey Episode 3 Nick Jikomes

On this episode of the Mejer Journey Podcast, we speak with Dr. Leah Johnson, known to the cannabis community as Dr. Leah. She is a formally trained Clinical Cannabis Pharmacist and the owner and CEO of Alchemist Consulting.

She is also an accomplished, highly driven clinical Long-Term Care & Rehabilitation pharmacist, with primary focus in pain, mental health (depression, anxiety, Insomnia, etc.) and sexual health medication management. She also holds 3 patents for natural herbal remedy tinctures, which she helped develop as the Head of Research & Development for an herbal supplement company. On this episode we dive into the ins and outs of the medical cannabis community, health and wellness, and patient care and advocacy.

Connect with Dr. Leah below:

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