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Episode 19: Tiffany Watkins, Founder of Vanguard Magazine, Talks Camaraderie and Community

A Mejer Journey Episode 3 Nick Jikomes

Episode 19 of A Mejer Journey welcomes a well-known and respected leader in the cannabis space, Tiffany Watkins. Tiffany's voice and hard work has led the conception of Vanguard Media, a publication and platform for women in the cannabis space that showcases their hard work, innovation, expertise, and dedication. On this episode, Tiffany and I discuss camaraderie, lifting others up, and working together to move one of the most fast-paced industries forward. This episode is one you can not afford to miss, especially if you consider yourself a team-player who has intentions on staying in the cannabis space long-term.

Connect with Tiffany and Vanguard Media here:


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