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86% of Americans Know about CBD. What Will Leaders Do to Educate the Public?

86% of Americans know about CBD and 1 in 5 have used it, according to a new analysis by New Frontier Data.

It's safe to say that CBD has reached critical mass and has been made aware to a majority of the American public. So, what does this mean for those in the business of providing safe access to this Swiss-army knife of health and wellness? The time to educate is now.

For those of us who have been involved in the cannabis space for a few years now, it takes less than 30 seconds to spot snake oil in the marketplace. For those who don't work in the industry or who aren't as fluent in cannabis culture, it's not as easy to differentiate snake oil from the real deal.

Some of the most common questions I've heard while inside hemp-wellness retailer stores include: What's the difference between isolate, broad-spectrum, and full-spectrum products?Is there a reason I'd use a vape instead of a tincture? Will my pain be better treated if I apply this topical, or take two of these gummy treats?

This might sound like cannabis 101, but the numbers don't lie and with 86% of Americans knowing about CBD, and with 20% of Americans having already given it a chance, the time is now for brands and retailers to step up to the plate and address how this magical compound works, why and how it can create different effects for different people, why some people who tried it said they didn't feel a thing, and much more.

Here are eight ways brands can step up to the plate and amplify their knowledge, wisdom, insight, and creativity in order to help more people make better choices around cannabis:

Webinars and Virtual Events

We seem promotions for them all the time, we reserve our spots for them whenever we want to explore a topic in more detail, so why not host one to communicate and educate people about what you're an expert it? And before you say you're trying to keep marketing costs within budget, most of the time they cost close to nothing to host.

Social Media Live Streams

I've seen brands do this in and out of the cannabis space, and it's an unbelievably quick and easy way to fire up a live chart between you and your audience. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram make it easy to get started. All you need is a handful of topics you'd like to cover, a cup of coffee, good lighting, and you're off to the races.

Create Original Content

I love to write. This is why most of my content takes the form of written word. So, what else is there to create other than an article? A ton! Just to name a few, you can start your own podcast, record videos, create free downloadable resources, and the list goes on and on. Now I know when you think of resources you might be thinking B2B, but there are tons of resources a CBD consumer would love to get their hands on. Here are a few ideas for you to run with: CBD Dosage Guide, When's The Best Time to Take CBD for Specific Uses, CBD Isolate, Broad Spectrum, and Full Spectrum product comparisons, When Does Each CBD Delivery Come In Handy (smoking vs vaping vs eating vs applying topically). The list goes on and on. Consider keeping a note pad handy and every time someone asks you a question about CBD you write it down. From here, you'll have a plethora of questions to base your resources and content from that will actually be valuable to the public.

Build an Email List and Keep Those Individuals Informed

Maybe you offer some resources for free, and for access to others you ask for the person's email address in return... that's a great way to build an email list. Treat these contacts like gold. When someone gives you their email address in exchange for a free download, chances are they're genuinely interested and are open to learning more. Don't spam them! Instead, provide them with valuable information. This is how you'll build a loyal following.

In-Person Events

In-person events can be tricky, especially now with social distancing in place due to COVID-19. Whenever in-person events take form again, hosting them can be a great way to bring attention to your brand and what you're doing. CBD game-nights and other fun, resourceful events are a great way to build a bond between shoppers and retailers who want to be more than just someone who has a good deal on CBD snacks.


Don't be afraid to partner up with a local health-food store, spa, or fitness center. Chances are if their customers could benefit from CBD, they've probably looked into it and have maybe even given it a chance. Don't be afraid to collaborate and host an event that educates and inspires people to take charge of their health and well-being. When you have customers from both brands cross-over, it creates a win-win for both businesses.


Podcasts are a great way to voice your knowledge, wisdom, insight, and creativity in order to help more people make better choices around cannabis. Look for podcasts that have audiences that fit your brand's demographic and would be willing to discuss some of the popular topics surrounding CBD. As long as you're pitching the right audiences and have a strong value proposition as to why you should be on the show, the hosts will more than likely love to have you on.

Interviews with Media Outlets

Earned media is one of the oldest, most tride-and-true methods of amplifying your knowledge, wisdom, insight, and expertise. When done right, good publicity will amplify your brand's awareness, built trust, and establish credibility in the public's eye. This is one of the best ways of reaching the public on a local, regional, and national level to educate them and make them aware of who you are, what you do, and why you do it. If you don't have prior media experience, this can be tricky to try and tackle on your own, but it is well worth exploring and learning more about. Check out the blog on our website for tips on making the most of your media efforts.

Don't waste another second. With 86% of Americans knowing about CBD, and with 20% of Americans having already given it a chance, the time is now to educate the public and amplify your brand's message.

Good luck! I know you can do it. :)


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