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Good Publicity Leads to More Revenue. Here's How.

Cashflow, revenue, sales, however you want to describe it, whatever you want to call it, these are the building blocks of a healthy foundation to any serious business. So wouldn't it make sense to reinvest back into what helps catapult this area of your business to new heights? Or at the very least, reinvest back into what can make accomplishing tasks focused on cashflow, revenue, and sales easier and more efficient?


This is might sound like publicity 101, but the biggest byproduct of a strong publicity campaign is the awareness you and your brand achieve from a big hit. In a lot of cases, your earned media coverage will place you in front of thousands, if not millions, of people in your target market. Often times the amount of money you'd have to spend on a paid ad placement to reach that large of an audience can be 3-5x that of your investment into a publicity campaign. Awareness of you and your brand (the right awareness) is the precursor to any business transaction or sale. How can the market buy from you if they don't know you? Awareness is always #1!


What good is being known going to do if you haven't built rapport and trust? The beauty of earned media coverage is that your feature, interview, or story has to be vetted by an editor, journalist, reporter, or someone on the publication's team to ensure it is something its audience would enjoy and find valuable. So when your name is praised by someone who has already established loyalty, trust, rapport, and credibility with your target market, you can begin to imagine what this will do to the level of trust between your brand and the market you're going after.


In some cases, a publicity campaign will lead to the phone ringing and going crazy - HUGE WIN!

In some cases, this will happen at a smaller scale. This is still a HUGE WIN!

How are these both huge wins?

At the end of the day, you've increased awareness and built trust (priceless assets in marketing), and can leverage the media placements into your sales and marketing material that'll help you increase the top line of your business. Sometimes, the end of a publicity campaign is just the beginning of all the new, exciting opportunities ahead of you.

Let us help you raise awareness, build trust and credibility, and increase revenue with a publicity campaign that’s tailored specifically for you and your brand. Send an email to to learn more about a tailored publicity campaign that'll help you get your name seen, voice heard, and brand built.


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