Green Lane Communication Headshot Founde

Founder & CEO, Michael Mejer

What sparked the vision for Green Lane Communication?


After several conversations with owners and operators in the cannabis industry, Michael quickly picked up on one of the biggest problems every single one of them was facing – no clear path to publicizing their names. At this moment, Michael realized that a new group of passionate business leaders could use his help.


From that moment on, Michael's mission with Green Lane Communication was to empower growth in people and companies within the industry.


Green Lane Communication is a public relations and marketing firm that connects cannabis leaders to media and press opportunities to increase brand awareness, establish credibility, earn consumers' trust, and to penetrate one of the most competitive industries at scale. 

Combining years of experience in public relations and digital marketing with a burning passion for the cannabis industry, Michael Mejer founded Green Lane Communication in 2018.


Why Work With Green Lane Communication?


Green Lane Communication is the only public relations and marketing firm in the cannabis space that treats every company it works with like a long-term partner, rather than just another client.

"Green Lane Communication has helped me grow from a single location startup to a business with 3 retail stores, a warehouse that services over one hundred other business accounts and a robust e-commerce site. By taking the time to understand our values, Green Lane developed and executed a strategy that delivered  measurable returns. With so much noise in both the cannabis and PR space, it was a relief to have a team dedicated to finding innovative solutions to achieving our goals." –Jennifer Babaian, Founder & CEO, 7 Leaf Clover

You're Much More Than the Products You Sell. We Understand That.


You've built an incredible lineup of products that you know will improve the lives of so many. But now what? 


It's time to share with the world your knowledge, experiences, and the passion that exists within you that drove your business to where it's at today. These are the things that when put together the right way, will communicate your brand's message and will help you and your business stand out like no-other! 

The Culture and Business of Cannabis is Lead By Trailblazers, Innovators, Risk Takers, and Incredibly Courageous Entrepreneurs. Let's Take Advantage of That. ​

So many PR firms that claim to specialize in cannabis are missing out on a huge angle. The business angle. There's an unfortunate stigma surrounding those who use cannabis and CBD responsibly, that they're giving-in to a lazy, non-productive, unhealthy lifestyle. This is completely false!


Some of the biggest leaders in the cannabis space have had incredible entrepreneurial experiences that could inspire others to set out on a similar path. We work hard to have your brand featured in professional, highly-respected publications that will have you standing in a totally different bracket than your competitors. 

We Want To See You Thrive in the Long-Run.

The cannabis industry is filled with competition. Even though your product might work better or be priced more competitively than the other ones out there, you're still battling with others in an industry that's predicted to grow in and around $40+ billion in the next decade. 

Now is the time to gather the assets that will help your business build brand equity and help you sell your product to consumers and wholesalers. Competing for shelf space against a brand whose CEO was featured in the media for all the right things is a lot harder than going up against a "nobody." Which side do you want to be on?