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Episode 71: Andrew Ward, Reporter, Copywriter, and Author, Talks Publishing, Media, and More

A Mejer Journey Episode 3 Nick Jikomes

In this episode of the Mejer Journey Podcast, we sit down with cannabis reporter, copywriter and author, Andrew Ward. Andrew takes us through his career path and how he ended up being one of the most well-known cannabis reporters and writers. Fun fact: Did you know one of his goals is to write a horror movie?

As the author of two books, The Art of Marijuana Etiquette and Cannabis Jobs, Andrew sheds some light on what it was like during the process of putting those books together, and how it impacted his career in cannabis. Throughout our conversation, Andrew also lets us in on how brands can effectively communicate with media and press in an effort to get their name out and into the mainstream, how the cannabis media landscape has shifted over the years, and so much more!


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