Boost Awareness, Create Trust, Establish Credibility

If well-placed articles, interviews or features could take away the stress of:

✔️Getting your name out there

✔️Attracting new customers

✔️Building trust and establishing credibility with consumers

Without having to:

✔️Waste time with experimental media pitching that hasn't worked for you in the past

✔️Regrettably delegate public relations efforts to your social media manager

✔️Re-write press releases over and over again

What would it be worth to you?

✔️Imagine a customer sees your product on a shelf and thinks to themselves, "Hey, I've seen these guys before..." and gravitates to check out your product versus your competitor's.

✔️Imagine you finally earn the respect, credibility, and trust that you've worked years for by developing new products, running experiments, and extracting data to prove a life-changing point with your product.

✔️Imagine your ideal customer going online to learn about CBD and there you are. An article or podcast with your name pops up where you share your thoughts, data, and conclusions about how your product can help improve someone's quality of life.

What would this be worth to you?

If what described above sounds like something you've been thinking about, book a call with Green Lane Communication to get some of these things off your mind and into action!