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'Stay The Course' - Q&A With Griff Conti On Hemp, CBD Retail Success

"We wanted to activate the community on a very local level and bring everyone together at a time when many of us felt anxious, stressed, and even lonely," says store owner Griff Conti.


Owner and CCO of Franny's Farmacy, Franny Tacy makes the cover of Franchise Times May 2020 Issue.

If You Are in the Big Apple, You Have to Try These CBD Stores

New York City has many attractions, and thankfully for most of us, now CBD stores are amongst them. Despite remaining illegal at the federal level, weed has been making its presence known in the Big Apple. So, if you find yourself here, keep reading to find out what the go-to’s are for anything CBD related. 

Franny’s Farmacy Opens New Location in Hickory, N.C.

The retail franchise is growing on the foundation developed at Franny’s Farm in North Carolina.

Optimism Shows Despite Setbacks for New York State Hemp Businesses

New York’s Industrial Hemp Agricultural Research Pilot Program currently boasts 108 processors and 480 growers with over 20,000 acres for production. While the state has seen its fair share of growth, uncertainty looms over the entire supply chain. 

What area of the hemp industry would you like to see universities prioritize as they start researching hemp?

Jennifer Babaian, CEO, 7 Leaf Clover, Brooklyn, NY shares her thoughts.

Franny Tacy, The First Woman To Farm Hemp in North Carolina

Franny Tacy, The First Woman To Farm Hemp in North Carolina is a guest on the Ministry of Hemp Podcast.

Franny's Farmacy Launches Third Crowdfunding Campaign

“Franny’s Manufacturing is a critical component in our vertically integrated supply chain.  To continue to build our manufacturing infrastructure, we’ve decided to turn to crowdfunding and give you, the investor, an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a quickly emerging industry,” says Jeff Tacy.

The Week In Cannabis: Brazil Regulates Sales, Michigan Starts Adult Sales, Lil Wayne Goes Green, Federal Agencies Move Forward

7 Leaf Clover CEO, Jennifer Babaian Joins BOLD TV

Franny Tacy Talks Hemp Journey with Vitamin Retailer

Can Cannabis Survive the Virus? Hemp Has A Leg Up


Isolate, Distillate, Full Spectrum: How to know what you’re buying

In order to help the consumer decide which CBD product is best for them, this article will dive into the benefits and downsides of full-spectrum, broad spectrum and isolate CBD.

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QualSCORE Announces Breakthrough Market Research Tools and Ratings Platform for Cannabis Businesses

QualSCORE, the first fully systematized solution for cannabis businesses to measure and track quality and customer happiness, is excited to announce the launch of its customer feedback and market research platform.

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